The Chargemon Dashboard is able to aggregate data in real-time from individual EV and PMD chargers to display on to the operator dashboard. 

EV charging ports are the ‘petrol stations’ of the future. Sell electricity to EV owners as a new revenue channel. Couple this with solar power to provide a green alternative.

The platform consists of:

Chargemon Cloud Service

- RESTful API -

- Charger Management -

Chargemon Dashboard

- Multi-users access -

- Multi-location access -

- Monitor Energy Consumption in Real-time -

- Track Energy from Clean Sources -

- Asset Maintenance Management (powered by Allocate Space) -

Chargemon Mobile App

- Connect to any Chargemon Ports -

- Select energy from clean sources -

- Conveniently make payment digitally -

- Track your charging transactions -

- Be notified when charging is completed -

- Reserve a parking lot in advance (powered by Allocate Space) -



Chargemon Ports charging stations designed to be smarter, greener and more versatile. Some features includes:

- Users can reserve in advance, the usage of a Chargemon Port

- Remotely monitor and manage the charging of their EV via a       

   companion mobile app

- Have the choice to select electricity from a certified green energy

   source such as a solar electricity producer

- PMDs and UDVs can also be charged at the Chargemon Port