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The ChargePort is a carbon neutral charging station that uses solar energy to supplement the electricity used to charge UDV autonomously and EV via a Type-2 connector.

ChargePorts are the ‘petrol stations’ of the future that can convert idle parking spots into a profitable venture by enabling property owners to sell electricity to EV owners as a new revenue stream.

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1)  How do ChargePorts charge EV and  UDV?

    EV (Electric Vehicles) are charged manually using a standard Type 2 connector with 22kW AC power. Whereas, UDV (Unmanned Delivery Vehicles) are charged autonomously with wireless inductive charging technology.

2)  How is the ChargePort carbon neutral?

ChargePorts supplement energy from the grid with a renewable energy source, such as solar, to offset carbon emissions (based on grid emission factor) to attain carbon neutrality.

3)  What could a profitable venture entail for you?

Firstly, income is generated by UDV operators paying for the electricity used to charge their UDV fleet. Secondly, rental income is earned from housing UDV fleet when they are not in use.

4)  Why is owning a "petrol station" of the future important?

The physical and safety limitations of a petrol station is removed, as we do not require a tank to store flammable fuel. This allows for the transformation of under-utilised areas like parking lots to become "petrol stations" of the future, as Singapore aims to phase out ICE (Internal combustion Engine) vehicles by 2040.

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